Café Avenida 4

Liberia, Costa Rica

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Café Avenida 4

Café Avenida 4 has arguably the best prepared espresso in Liberia. The venue itself is beautiful, with covered outdoor seating and lots of plants. Great place to relax with a cup of coffee and a brownie while reading a book or chatting with friends. WiFi is available too, in case you want to upload some fresh photos to your insta.


The Guanacaste region has excellent coffee. The dramatic mountainous geography gives local coffee beans a smooth body with light acidity and defined bitter and salty notes. Third wave coffee shops have only now started popping up in Liberia, but that doesn't mean that coffee connoisseurs will be left wanting. Plenty of cafes serve cups of delicious liquid gold prepared the traditional way. Many cafes also serve light meals.