Arenile di Bagnoli


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Arenile di Bagnoli

Arenile di Bagnoli is a vibrant seaside beach club that transforms with the seasons. During the summer, it comes alive with a stunning open-air dance floor right on the beach, complete with a gazebo, outdoor bars, comfortable beds, sofas, and a sprawling lawn. But even in the winter, the fun doesn't cease as it offers an indoor area where concerts and sets by popular DJs keep the energy high, making Arenile di Bagnoli a year-round destination for entertainment and seaside bliss.

Bars & Nightlife

Neapolitan nightlife is vibrant and packed with people. It starts teeming around 8 pm in the Chiaia area — coming for a drink, you might have the impression that the whole neighbourhood has descended into the tiny space around via Belledonne a Chiaia for an aperitivo. Another crowded area is Piazza Bellini, especially in summer and springtime.