Sfogliatelle Attanasio


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Sfogliatelle Attanasio

Considered by many to offer the best sfogliatella pastries in Naples, Sfogliatelle Attanasio is very well known, and therefore often packed with people. It's definitely worth the wait: tasting freshly baked, cheese and custard-filled sfogliatelle puff pastries, and witnessing the lively local crowd, are two exquisitely Neapolitan experiences you should never miss.


Naples bristles with great coffee, or rather 'caffè', which means 'espresso' there. The most popular coffee types in Naples are 'caffè ristretto' (a short shot of a more highly concentrated espresso coffee), 'caffè lungo' (espresso coffee drink with more water), and 'caffè macchiato' (espresso coffee drink with a small amount of milk, usually foamed).