Ovo Castle


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Ovo Castle

Literally named 'Egg Castle', Castel dell'Ovo is a 12th-century fortress that dominates the Naples seafront. The name comes from the legendary Roman poet Virgil, who supposedly strengthened the castle walls with a magical egg.

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The historic centre of Naples, with its splendid palaces and its popular and lively working-class districts, is now on the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Naples also boasts an underground city, as well as its famous panoramic views. Moreover, this hospitable city is marked by contrasts and popular traditions, such as the annual miracle whereby San Gennaro's 'blood' becomes liquid in front of the eyes of his followers. Naples is famous throughout the world primarily because of pizza (which, you'll discover, only constitutes a small part of the rich local cuisine) and popular music, with famous songs such as 'O Sole Mio'.