Jamón Jamón


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Jamón Jamón

Jamón Jamón is a popular local wine bar and gastropub that tends to get crowded in the evenings. Despite the name, vegetarians are very welcome - meat-free tapas abound.

Bars & Nightlife

Oviedo and Gijon are real night-owl cities. Thanks to its large student population, Oviedo has a lively after-dark scene, centred around Calle Mon and the narrow streets surrounding it. This is where there are more than 100 spots to drink and chill, many of them with live music. Most bars stay open until 3am on weeknights and are open as late as 5.30am on weekends. Dance clubs are open until 5.30am or even as “late” as 7am. In Oviedo, you will find plenty of sidrerias (cider bars) along Calle Gascona, where many people start and finish the evening with a visit to a club in between. El Rosal is the heart of the younger nightlife scene, while the El Cristo area is full of more sophisticated spots attracting a more mature audience.