August 8-17, 2024  - Budapest - Passau

Play pickleball in three countries, with the Hungarian Pickleball Pro and the locals;

River cruise in luxury accommodation in an outside river-view stateroom;

Gourmet dining, featuring breakfast, multi-course lunches, and dinners with menu choices (including vegetarian options), afternoon tea, and late-night snack;

Transportation to pickleball courts; meals; all pickleball play, and tournament play with the September itinerary.


Play with the pros and locals

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime as you join us on an exciting week-long journey to Hungary, Slovakia, and Austria, the cultural capitals of Europe. With a perfect combination of pickleball, new cuisine, exploring different cultures, and downtime for relaxation, this tour caters to everyone who wants to have fun and experience the world their way. Whether you are a seasoned pickleball player or just a beginner, this trip is a perfect fit for all levels. Playing pickleball in Budapest, Bratislava, and Vienna are just a few of the highlights of this trip.

August 8-17, 2024 - Amadeus Cara

Amadeus Cara Deck Plan

August 8-17, 2024 Budapest - Passau
Prices per person

Accommodation Category Type Per Person
C-4 Haydn Double Mid-ship Deck 1 $4,499
C-4 Haydn Single Mid-ship Deck 1 $4,981
C-1 Haydn Double Mid-ship Deck 1 $4,861
C-1 Haydn Single Mid-ship Deck 1 $5,398
B-4 Strauss Double Aft-ship Deck 2 $5,290
B-4 Strauss Single Aft-ship Deck 2 $6,392
B-1 Strauss Double Mid-ship Deck 2 $5,550
B-1 Strauss Single Mid-ship Deck 2 $7,450
A-1 Mozart Double Aft/Mid-ship Deck 3 $5,878
A-1 Mozart Single Aft/Mid-ship Deck 3 $8,335
Suite - Mozart Double Suite Deck 3 $6,533
Suite - Mozart Single Suite Deck 3 $11,216